Lake Havasu, Arizona

Campbell Cove Complex

boat storage


 Most boaters no longer tow their boats back and forth to Lake Havasu, a resort and boating destination for Arizona, California and Nevada boaters. The reasons for this are: because towing requires a special vehicle, fuel costs for towing are high, storage space in urban areas is limited, and towing adds additional stress to the trip.

Therefore, many active boaters rent storage space in Lake Havasu and have found a home at Campbell Cove Complex. We our adjacent to the state launch ramp on Lake Havasu.

We offer 149 storage units ranging from 12’ by 35’, 12’ by 40’, 16’ by 40’, and 16’ by 100’. For your security, the storage buildings are in a locked, lighted fenced yard and our equipped with burglar and fire alarms which are tired directly to the fire department. We also have drive by security and surveillance cameras monitoring the buildings. Call For pricing and availability.